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Cathy Puett Miller, the President, of TLA networks with teams of presenters, trainers, researchers and educational specialists to bring clients individualized service and exceptional value.  These resources represent:

  • A broad-based background and connections to current leading edge reading research.
  • A unique approach which emphases the “big picture” and “behavior” of reading.
  • A passion for connecting children and families to a positive experience with reading, writing, listening, communicating and viewing.
  • Strong collaboration from professionals who understand both the preschool and K-12 sides of education and the home learning environment.
  • Exceptional abilities to connect and work with a wide range of individuals from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.
  • Impressive talent writing for the public as well as educator audiences, translating reading research findings into practical application.

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Mrs. Miller won the 2003 National Silver Investigative Reporting Award from the National Parenting Publications of America for her two-part series on education reform in Georgia.

She is also a regular columnist for:

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